Finer Meat food truck parks on Nicollet

Credit: Finer Meat Co. debuted its new food truck at Nicollet Open Streets in September. Photo by Michelle Bruch

Finer Meat Co. has a new food truck parked in front of the Nicollet Avenue store.

Mary Knopik owns Finer Meat with her husband Tim (also known as Mrs. and Mr. Finer). She said the neighbors at Five Watt gave them the idea for the truck — they suggested serving breakfast to complement the coffee.

The new menu features a homemade breakfast sausage with blueberry bread on a stick. There are also fried cabbage bites, brats and burgers. Tim Knopik said the truck would operate until cold weather sets in, likely opening around 6:30 or 7 a.m. for breakfast and operating at dinnertime until 10 p.m.

Mary said she and Tim are hitting their seventies and they’re ready to turn over the store to their son, Brian. Family member Doug Meyer owns the new food truck.

Finer Meat Co. has operated under family ownership for more than 50 years — the original Grandma and Grandpa “Finer” are pictured on the truck — and the storefront operated as a meat market for an additional 30 years under different owners.

When Tim’s father purchased the store in 1962, he only intended to hang on to it for five years. But the family had so much fun in the shop they decided to keep it.

“My father said you’ll have steady work because the last thing people do before they keel over is stop eating,” Tim said in 2002.

In addition to launching the food truck, the shop recently started making gourmet beef dog bones, “smoked to perfection for that bacon-like flavor.”