4Points tattoo artist creates Uptown Theatre movie posters

Credit: 4Points Body Gallery co-owners Scott Farrell (l) and Adam Sward. Photo by Michelle Bruch

4Points tattoo artist Adam Sward is behind the latest midnight movie posters at the Uptown Theatre. During the month of October, you’ll find his hand-drawn posters for movies like “The Birds,” “The Shining” and “A Nightmare on Elm Street 2.” You’ll also find Sward at the movies, giving consultations, setting appointments and handing out free posters to those who join the mailing list. (His grandfather worked as a projectionist at the theater in the 60s and 70s.)

Sward (that’s “Draws” written backwards, coincidentally) is co-owner of the 4Points Body Gallery. 4Points has spent the past year at 4222 Nicollet Ave., and originally opened in 2012 at 38th & Chicago — it’s named 4Points after the four neighborhoods that intersect at the corner.

“I moved to 38th & Chicago from 1,000 miles away after doing a ton of research,” said co-owner Scott Farrell, who previously operated a tattoo shop in Kentucky.

4Points tattoo artists don’t reference albums of stock tattoos. Instead, staff work with each client on custom ideas.

“Pretty much every tattoo here is an original piece,” said Farrell, who mentioned the tagline “real artists, zero tattitude.”

Farrell’s arm features a tattooed portrait of his father, done by Sward.

“All of us are working artists, and it keeps the vibe a lot more relaxed,” Sward said. “It’s a chill place to come and get work done.”