Zeus Jones co-founds dental care subscription service

Credit: Submitted image

The staff members at Zeus Jones have thrown all of their marketing knowledge into a new product of their own. It’s called Boka, and it’s a subscription service that will deliver new dental products every three months. The product line was created in partnership with James Hagen, president of American Dental Accessories.

“We help businesses build modern brands,” said Strategist Dana Bedessem. “We wanted to put that into practice ourselves.”

Hagen provided research showing that most people brush too hard and damage their gums. So they designed toothbrushes with Japanese binchotan charcoal bristles for their soft texture and anti-microbial properties. The bristles are angled to reach under the gum line.

“You should be throwing your toothbrush away every three months,” said Strategist Amanda Zweerink. “You also need to change them when you’re sick — the brush will actually trap bacteria.”

Staff looked for anti-inflammatory toothpaste formulas without artificial sweeteners and parabens. The floss is made without petroleum or teflon and it’s wrapped in beeswax.

“A healthy mouth really does lead to a healthier body,” Zweerink said.

For more information on the upcoming launch, visit loveyourboka.com.

Zeus Jones is also expanding its local footprint. Staff said the company currently located at 2640 Lyndale Ave. S. has purchased the Little Saigon building at 2429 Nicollet Ave. to provide more space for employees.