Coming soon: Milkjam

Restaurateur Sameh Wadi is opening an ice cream shop with an old-school Americana feel next to his World Street Kitchen restaurant at 2743 Lyndale Ave. S.

The neighboring Regla De Oro gallery is downsizing to make room for Milkjam. The creamery will serve sundaes, malts and ice cream sandwiches with a few seats along the window.

Wadi — who is lactose intolerant — said they’re experimenting with methods to add more fat content to vegan ice cream. Much of the texture in a mouthful of ice cream comes from the creamy fat content, he said.

“I indulge, and I pay the price,” he said.

Half of the flavors will rotate, made with high-quality chocolate and fresh vanilla bean.

“I love to be creative. The sky is the limit when it comes to ice cream,” he said.

One of the oldest flavors Wadi serves periodically at his downtown restaurant Saffron uses dried olives with caramel notes. The olives’ salt content is designed to tone down the sweetness of the ice cream.

Patrons can expect familiar flavors as well, however.

“I’m not above Oreo ice cream. That’s actually one of my favorite kinds of ice cream to eat,” he said.