Taco Cat delivers Eastlake craft beer

Credit: Eastlake Craft Brewery owner Ryan Pitman recently partnered with Taco Cat to deliver Eastlake bombers by bicycle. Photo by Michelle Bruch

Many wouldn’t think twice about ordering a beer called Laeger-Hagemeister. It’s actually the last name of Taco Cat’s co-owner, Daniel Laeger-Hagemeister. Eastlake staff thought his name sounded like a beer, so they created a brew in his favorite pale American lager style. He calls it a refreshing beer a dad would drink after mowing the lawn.

Eastlake Craft Brewery and Taco Cat are neighbors at the Midtown Global Market (Taco Cat currently works out of the commercial Kitchen in the Market space), and they are now partnering to deliver 22-ounce Eastlake bombers through Taco Cat bike couriers.

“They’re in here all the time,” said owner Ryan Pitman. “We said, ‘We should get you guys delivering.'”

Now the cyclists are delivering about 50 bombers per week.

Taco Cat’s delivery area covers Franklin to 40th Street and Hiawatha to the lakes.