Giordano’s opens at 27th & Hennepin


Giordano’s opened in July at 2700 Hennepin Ave.

“It will be very casual, very airy and full of light,” said CEO Yorgo Koutsogiorgas in an interview last fall. “With floor-to-ceiling glass, it gives the sense of being outdoors.”

He anticipated an expansive delivery area covering a seven-ten mile radius.

The Chicago-based pizza chain is in the midst of expansion.

“As we facilitate an expansion strategy to new markets, Minneapolis is a safe market for us to explore,” Koutsogiorgas said.

He said there is a high level of synergy between the pizza shop’s Chicago base and Minneapolis, in terms of the people who live and work in those cities. He said Giordano’s chose the Hennepin Avenue location for its energy.

“It has the benefit of being very close to a vibrant, high-energy business district,” he said.