Emazing Lights is a regional draw on Hennepin


On Sunday nights, “glovers” wearing lighted gloves gather in the basement of Emazing Lights, a three-month-old shop at 32nd & Hennepin. Gloving is an art form, explained owner Jason Hamilton.

“It’s no different than any other type of dance,” he said. “It’s all done with fingers, with hands and the movements of your hands.”

You’ll find gloving at Skyway Theatre, Summer Setor the Electric Forest Festival, he said.

A recent gloving competition at the store drew 80 people. Hamilton said the Hennepin store has quickly become one of the busiest in the country.

“It’s because of the scene around here,” he said. “We’re already looking at expanding.”

Emazing Lights has other stores in Florida and California, so the Minneapolis store draws from the entire region, he said.

Merchandise includes poi that radiate color as they spin; diffraction glasses that spread light; and levitation wands, which Hamilton said were big in the 90s and are becoming popular again.