Coming soon: Lowry Hill Meats

At Lowry Hill Meats opening this fall, an open format will allow customers to watch butchers on the job.

“It raises the standard for the handling of the products,” said founder Erik Sather.

The Burch building store at Hennepin & Franklin will include seating for people ordering coffee, sandwiches or salami platters while they wait for cut-to-order meats.

“It’s another way of inviting people to the meat shop,” Sather said.

Sather said he’s planning a design similar to the feel of Tilia, with cement floors, marble walls and shelving by a local woodworker.

He is partnering with Underground Food Collective, a Madison-based butcher committed to sourcing local, humanely-treated animals.

Sather is wrapping up work as the head of meat and seafood at the Seward Co-op, and his background includes jobs with Bar La Grassa, Solera and La Belle Vie. He said he’s built relationships with farmers that raise grass-fed animals free of antibiotics and hormones.

He plans to purchase whole animals and handle the meat start-to-finish. 

“Buying the whole animal direct from farmers is an easier way to work directly with smaller farmers,” he said. “It’s a great way to bring farmers into the city.”

Sather also plans to teach classes. He enjoys explaining methods to cook different pieces of meat.

“Quality salt goes a long way,” he said. “Less is more as far as seasoning.”

The opening date is slated for late September.