Now open: Julia Moss Designs

Credit: Julia Moss gives vintage silver a modern twist in her new showroom on Hennepin. Photo by Michelle Bruch

Julia Moss has moved her showroom into a second-floor Hennepin Avenue storefront — and out of her home.

“My son looked at me one day and said, ‘I think your lease is up,'” she said. “It just kind of popped, everything fell into place. I love the area, I love the energy. It’s such a creative part of town.”

Moss remakes vintage silver, such as her grandmother’s silver serving tray, with glossy colors. Her “PowderColorized” process is designed to preserve the detail in the silver and omit the need to polish before and after each use.

“Unfortunately silver pieces have gone to the wayside, because no one wants to deal with them,” she said. “This is a great way to keep everything in the family.”

Her showroom of remade silver pieces includes catch-alls for lipsticks, car keys and candy.

Moss is also cofounder of Dress for Success Twin Cities, a nonprofit that provides professional apparel and career development support to disadvantaged women.

“I did a lot of image coaching for women who went out for job interviews,” she said.

Aside from her showroom, you’ll also find Moss’s catch-all dishes and trays at the Walker Art Center gift shop.

“It’s classic elegance with a rock ‘n’ roll twist,” she said.