A coach for “mom-preneurs”

Redevelopment plans for the Garfield Aquarium at 33rd & Garfield include a co-working hub. One of the first businesses in residence will belong to Karen Curry Parker, who is redeveloping the site with her husband.

Parker coaches startup entrepreneurs, and “mom-preneurs” in particular.

“Obviously the major challenges many women have are the challenges of balancing work and family,” she said.

Parker likes to develop business plans that allow free time when kids return home from school.

“It’s a really big challenge,” she said. “But with the Internet, it’s pretty easy to leverage marketing in a very effective way. … Most of us hate sales. The truth is sales can be fun and productive and doesn’t have to be slimy. It can be an elegant, juicy part of the business.”

Parker coaches from experience. She started her business while a single mother, and managed to put her kids through college. It wasn’t impossible, she said.

“I never would have been able to do what I did without the Internet,” she said.

When her husband left, Parker said she was living in Sedona, Arizona with $400 to her name a few days before rent was due. The city’s tourism industry made work as a psychic attractive.

“I was trained as a nurse, and it really wasn’t any different than being a nurse. I was sitting and listening,” she said.

She said her psychic answers were intuitive: “No, he’s not your soul mate.” “Work on self-love.”

She went on to work as a life coach and business coach, and she estimates that she’s coached thousands of people. One of Parker’s published books is “Understanding Human Design // The new science of astrology: Discover who you really are.”

“We put a lot of value into working long, hard hours,” she said. “A lot of people in the world can’t work like that. Eventually they burn themselves out.”

One aid for women is group feedback, she said.

“When women come together in groups, they are able to think better, think more clearly, and are less prone to depression and anxiety,” she said. “When they come together and have community, it doesn’t just impact their business, it impacts their whole life.”