Tru Pizza food truck comes out of Kingfield

Credit: Jason Montgomery of Kingfield stands with his food truck Tru Pizza, now in its second season. Photo by Michelle Bruch

When Jason Montgomery pitched the idea of opening a pizza place, his neighbors at the Kingfield Home-Based Professionals group stood and applauded.

“That’s been fun, to have that many overly supportive people in the neighborhood,” he said.

Montgomery’s food truck is now rolling for the second season, making regular stops at the Calhoun Square Market as well as Downtown Minneapolis and breweries like Bauhaus Brew Labs and 612Brew.

“Almost everybody is usually happy to see me,” he said.

Montgomery built out the truck himself, installing a 2,500-pound oven that cooks pizzas in 90 seconds or less at 800-1000 degrees. (He said the truck is running fine, and “as long as a fan is blowing on me, it’s not too unbearable.”)

Montgomery wanted to open a pizza place since age 21, when he worked at his uncle’s Pizza Man restaurants in Chaska and Shakopee.

“I traveled through Italy and tried every famous pizza place I could find,” he said.

He’s experimented with everything: Coconut-shrimp pizza with coconut flakes, for example, and crust fermented with different temperatures, humidity and flours.

“I’ve messed with that for so long that I have a really strong feeling — it needs to be this humidity, this hot, to get it right,” he said.

Montgomery said he ferments dough to the point where it’s lighter and easier to digest. One of his popular pizzas called “Light” features an olive oil base, prosciutto, arugula, balsamic, a tiny bit of sea salt and burrata mozzarella, a cheese made with organic cream to provide a richer taste.

“I think the simplicity of it is why it’s so good,” he said.