Scout & Haggle opens at 38th & Grand

Credit: Scout & Haggle owner Kara Keogh encourages customers to barter for their buys. Photo by Michelle Bruch

Kara Keogh wants you to make her an offer. When she opened her shop full of antique and vintage finds, she didn’t stick prices on anything. Then she noticed that other dealers’ merchandise — with the price tag — was selling better, so she reluctantly listed a few prices as well. But she prefers haggling.

“Scout for something and make an offer,” she said. “If you want something, you have to ask for it.”

She recently sold a painting for $80 that was listed for $95, for example, and the customer left happier after landing both a treasure and a good deal.

Keogh’s shop is a world away from her full-time corporate job, where she works as a process consultant. After sifting through data all week, she now spends weekends hanging photos from a box spring and building vignettes throughout the store. At two months in business, she’s loving the creative outlet.

“I don’t have a business plan,” she said. “This is the opposite of my work life. As long as I can pay the rent, I’m happy.”

The shop at 3802 Grand Ave. S. is Garth Galbraith’s former “Sometimes Performance Space.” (People still walk in looking for him.) Galbraith has a presence in the new store as well, and he brings in pieces to sell.

“I want to have something for everyone,” Keogh said. “It’s midcentury modern meets 70s retro.”

Keogh estimates that the space was formally listed for about 18 minutes before she jumped on it.

“Kingfield deserves to have its storefronts filled,” she said. “I almost feel a responsibility to make this work.”

Scout & Haggle is currently open from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.