Say More greeting cards tell microstories

“Weddings are an opportunity to fix all the things you did wrong at the middle school dance.”

So reads one of the cards by Say More, a greeting card company launched this winter by East Isles resident Tanner Winslow.

A birthday greeting: “The unfortunate truth about birthdays is that even if you hate them, you still don’t want them to stop.”

Winslow, a writer who formerly worked at the Minnesota Attorney General’s office, calls the cards microstories.

“I thought it would be interesting to try in a card format,” he said.

He has also created custom pet sympathy cards, pregnancy announcements, wedding invites and thank-you notes. He receives nice feedback on his Sympathy cards in particular, which are also designed to express feelings through a microstory.

“This way they have a jumping off point,” he said.

One Sympathy card greeting: “He was tired at the end of a long journey, and he lay down upon the Earth. The Earth embraced him, and he never had to be alone.”