Parella opens this summer at Calhoun Square

The new owners of Parella coming to Calhoun Square in July feel strong ties to the neighborhood. Chef Todd Macdonald grew up near Lake Harriet, and Michael Larson previously worked for the former Figlio restaurant that Parella will now occupy.

“For me, this is home,” said Macdonald, whose restaurant credits include New York’s Willow Road.

The restaurant will use Figlio’s old wood-fired oven, and they’ll install a wood-fired grill as well. They’re planning a crudo bar, modern Italian decor and an all-Italian wine list.

“We’ll brighten up the space a lot,” Macdonald said.

The menu will feature a mix of comfortable and esoteric dishes, such as strozzapreti pasta with sausage and lemon, and crudo with cured salmon and fennel pollen served on smashed fava beans and English peas.

“We want to be a nice part of the neighborhood and help to reinvigorate what’s happening down at Calhoun Square,” Macdonald said.