Now open: Sencha Tea Bar

Credit: More than 100 teas spin on a wheel above the counter at Sencha Tea Bar. Photo by Michelle Bruch

At the new Sencha Tea Bar (previously The Tea Garden, remodeled and under new ownership), staff spin an overhead wheel of 120 teas. The wheel showcases a loose leaf tea collection that’s tripled in size and ranges from $2-$35 per ounce.

Sencha at 26th & Hennepin aims to prepare each tea at the perfect temperature, whether it’s required to steep for one minute or 16.

“We make each tea the perfect way,” said co-owner Dan Kent.

He said the shop is designed for people to stay for hours at a time. Outlets with USB plugs are within reach of any seat, he said, and they offer the fastest Wi-Fi available.

The shop’s previous vibe felt like a dorm, Kent said, and they’ve tried to retain some of that feeling.

“We want high-quality drinks without being pretentious,” he said.

With millions of drink possibilities (Kent’s done the math), Sencha offers black tea lemonades; avocado shakes; teas with tapioca, flavor shots or fruit jellies; and teas with water-soluble caffeine for smoother energy boosts.

“It’s a great way to start the day,” he said.