Now open: Sage & Cypress

Credit: Sage & Cypress co-founders Sarah Nordstrom (l) and Tricia Farrell examine one of their collaborative pieces. Photo by Michelle Bruch

Two world travelers and local artists are now showing their work in a storefront at the corner of 48th & Grand.

“We were ready for the adventure of trying it,” said co-owner Sarah Nordstrom.

Nordstrom previously worked out of her home — she was the featured artist at Twiggs for a couple of years — and co-owner Tricia Farrell works as a freelance muralist. Farrell has painted murals on the walls of restaurants, hotels and even Nordstrom’s home. Nordstrom’s bedroom is encircled by a tree and the painted sky, and she compared it to a scene from “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.”

“She can paint anything and everything,” Nordstrom said.

Together, they restore furniture, create unique floral arrangements, and combine sculpture, mosaic, paint and paper mâché to build one-of-a-kind pieces.

“I have an affinity toward pieces that have a history,” Nordstrom said. “I like the idea of pieces that are in disarray or broken.”

The name Sage & Cypress refers to the co-founders themselves. Nordstrom’s daughter nicknamed her Sage long ago. In naming the store, they decided to call Farrell “Cypress,” due to her love of Italy and the fact that she’s painted hundreds of cypress trees.

In the future, the women envision a lecture series and music series.

“We also hope to offer classes to teach the skills of taking something ordinary and turning it into something special,” Nordstrom said.