Nighthawks diner opens at 38th & Nicollet

Credit: Chef Landon Schoenefeld at Nighthawks. Photo by Michelle Bruch

Though Nighthawks is new, chef Landon Schoenefeld is pretty confident you can get a table. The venue is a diner, after all, with quick short order cooking that serves blueberry lemon pancakes and eggs with smoked sock sausage.

Schoenefeld lives above Borough in the North Loop, a couple of blocks from Haute Dish, his last venture. He grew accustomed to borrowing and lending ingredients with neighbor 112 Eatery, and he’s already found a similar camaraderie at 38th & Nicollet. Blackbird staff brought over lunch early on, Five Watt’s kept everyone fueled on coffee, and Kyatchi lent them kewpie mayonnaise when they ran out of the pastrami sandwich ingredient.

Schoenefeld said everything is selling well on the menu — even the turkey gizzards, which came as a surprise. He’s spent the past year working trial-and-error to perfect the recipes. The menu features nightly blue plate specials, Kramarczuk’s foot long hot dogs, matzo ball chicken soup and chocolate hazelnut cream pie.

For those with questions on the pickled PBR: They use a hop rocket to infuse the beer with dill, pickling spice, garlic and lemon.

“PBR is actually a good vessel for those flavors,” Schoenefeld said.

The owners nearly gutted the former Shorty & Wag’s space — the seemingly random tile patches cover spots where they couldn’t salvage the wood. The restaurant plans to renovate the back lot patio space as well, pending city approval.