Naturopathic doctors staff Wellness Minneapolis at 38th & Nicollet

Pill popping is a last resort at Wellness Minneapolis, open since November above Nighthawks at 3751 Nicollet Ave.

Instead of quickly prescribing aspirin for a headache, naturopathic doctors on staff investigate the root cause of muscle tension. If someone faces chronic gastrointestinal trouble, doctors might first look at diet modifications and lifestyle patterns to address the issue.

Technically, all doctors are supposed to start with those types of interventions, said Dr. Sara Jean Barrett, but they might not have the time. Naturopathic doctors at the center are trained to use the least invasive methods possible, and they are licensed by the Minnesota Board of Medical Practice.

“We look at the whole person,” she said.

Seven providers work at the center as doctors, massage therapists, acupuncturists and nutrition counselors.

“It’s a team-based approach. We all meet and consult on cases,” Barrett said.