Gadget Guy biz offers neighborhood tech support

Gadget Guy” Paul Burnstein is a tech handyman.

The Kingfield resident sets up streaming systems, programs universal remotes, installs wireless speaker systems and provides how-to education on tablets and smartphones.

“I’m helping people realize they can print wirelessly from their phone to their printer,” he said. “I’m cutting the cable cord, minimizing reliance on cable.”

He even offers to handle all the phone calls with cable companies.

“Some people have more time than others, and some people have more patience than others,” he said.

Burnstein said he’s loved technology from a young age. He learned basic computer programming skills by age 9, he carried a pager in high school, and he was the first in his family to buy a cell phone.

Burnstein has an extra edge in dealing with older clients — he has a master’s degree in gerontology. After working with seniors for more than a decade, he decided to focus on the Gadget Guy business and spend more time with his young daughters.

“Technology is great when it works, and unfortunately it doesn’t always work,” he said. “When it doesn’t work, it can be really frustrating. … It really is nice to have a tech handyman.”