Coming soon: Bottle & Bottega

Credit: Submitted photo

Bottle & Bottega believes everyone is an artist — especially with the help of a little wine. Christina Myers discovered the credo while on a date with Patrick Williams at Chicago’s Bottle & Bottega, an art and wine studio. Now they are opening a studio of their own at 1216 W. Lake St.

“I fell in love with the concept,” she said.

Their independently-owned branch of Bottle & Bottega has done pop-up painting parties at venues like Amore Victoria, and Myers said construction is underway on “our own little artist home.”

The studio will open for private events as well as recurring public sessions on weekends and weeknights. The venue has a full menu, a wine list and craft beer, with social time before the painting begins. Local artists provide instruction while everyone tries their hand at acrylic paints, using one of the artist’s pieces (or an occasional van Gogh) for inspiration.

“I’m an artist myself, but I’ve been a little busy on the business side of things,” Myers said.

She said that although novice painters might feel a little apprehensive at first, the atmosphere relaxes them.

“They become so distracted and so involved in painting they forget they had anything to drink there,” she said.

The doors open in late June, and the venue is already partnering with artist Brian Delozier to create a mural for the Uptown Art Fair. The business is also part of CANvas Uptown, an Uptown Association project in which artists decorate paint cans to promote local businesses.

A grand opening celebration is slated for June 25.