Crema Café renamed Sonny’s Ice Cream

Crema Café is highlighting its roots by renaming the café “Sonny’s Ice Cream.”

The name honors shop founder Martin “Sonny” Siron, who started work at Ralph’s ice cream shop when he returned from World War II in 1945. Sonny and his wife Joan (nicknamed “Jiggs”) bought the business in 1950 and moved it to its present-day location at 34th & Lyndale.

“People still have lots of fun memories from that time, like going to Sonny’s for lunch from Lyndale School, which is now Painter Park,” states a history posted on the shop’s website. “Sonny and Jiggs always dressed in white and Jiggs would smoke long cigarettes and talk politics while she served people.”

Until a month before his death in 2007, Sonny was a fixture at Crema Café, greeting customers and helping out at the shop. The café is operated by his son Ron (who placed cherries on sundaes as a toddler) and partner Carrie Gustafson (who draws design inspiration from Italian cafés).