Wind and Willow Home hosts classes at new 48th & Grand storefront

Credit: Araya Jensen's Wind and Willow Home showroom at 48th & Grand carries her line of color-dipped housewares. Photo by Michelle Bruch

The Wind and Willow Home showroom is now open regular hours at 319 W. 48th St., offering workshops in weaving, block printing and “Selling on the Internet 101.”

Araya Jensen displays wooden bowls and spoons that she dips in synthetic rubber to make seasonal designs (ice cream was the inspiration last summer), and she ships them to stores as far as Australia and Thailand.

Jensen started creating the merchandise after she was laid off from work as an interior designer during the recession. She couldn’t find color-coordinated spoons for gift baskets she was putting together, so she decided to make them herself.

“I put them on Etsy, and within a month I started getting wholesale requests,” she said. “I grew up DIYing pretty much everything. We’d see something we liked and then we’d make it.”

The former chiropractic office on 48th became a DIY project as well, remodeled by Jensen and her husband. They put up walls inlaid with wooden polka dots, created a rope screen to partition the workshop area, and freshened the studio and basement with more than 40 gallons of paint.

Jensen never expected to be working in such a bright, sunny space. She was outgrowing her chilly basement workshop when she passed 48th & Grand and saw the For-Rent sign in the window.

“I imagined a warehouse space with no light,” she said. “I’m amazed to have all that natural light.”