The Record Spot is open weekends at 38th & Grand

Credit: Dave Foley at The Record Spot. Photo by Michelle Bruch

“Whatever happened at the First Avenue bar calendar from 1979 to today —that’s what’s on the menu,” said Dave Foley, describing the record shop he opened last summer at 405 W. 38th St.

Foley has collected records for years, and he’s always shopping. His friends pop in to the store with new records to sell, he finds $1 Beatles records at Goodwill, and he planned to hit the Uptown VFW at 6:30 a.m. to buy records at the February record show. He cleans up albums that are a little weathered, and he buys on instinct.

“You find these records that have been kicked around, and you’ve just got to buy them. Because you might not find them again,” he said.

On a recent Saturday, he played a Best of Peel Sessions record, featuring The Cure and The Slits.

“Even if it doesn’t sell, I just love having it here,” he said.

Foley is a guitarist who played in several bands including Things That Fall Down and Kindergarten. He also paints in an effort to loosen “ideas that get lodged in the brain,” and his artwork is on display at the record shop.

The store is currently open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

“If nothing else, it’s a great project, like remodeling a car or something,” Foley said. “And it’s a place to have a coffeepot.”