Now open: Bubbles & Ecouture at 54th & Lyndale

Credit: Frank Foo and Gladys Tay operate Bubbles & Ecouture at 612 W. 54th St. Photo by Michelle Bruch

Gladys Tay and Frank Foo operate a dog grooming salon in St. Paul and decided to open a retail-only store in Minneapolis — that way dogs can truly enjoy their visits, they said.

“It’s like us going to the dentist,” Tay said. “At this place, they can come and have fun and not worry that ‘Oh my gosh, I’m going to get a bath.'”

All of the dog food and treats carry labels that are gluten-free, natural, organic, U.S.-made and eco-friendly. Toys are also made out of natural materials, a plus for dogs who ingest chunks of their toys. There is freeze-dried meat (rabbit seems to be the hit, they said), Louisiana shrimp jerky with alligator, and even birthday cakes made for dogs. They carry natural insect repellents that Tay has even felt comfortable putting on herself, such as Alzoo repellent for dogs. 

Tay said she’s careful to avoid “greenwashed” labels that aren’t as chemically pure as they claim to be.

“Seven years ago, it was almost impossible to find anything natural,” she said.

Tay began grooming dogs at age 16, starting with her family Schnauzer Bubbles, which is the store’s namesake. Today, Tay and Foo own several pups who test out store products: Schnauzers Sunkist, Sanuk and Dounai, along with a Pekingese named Mahjong. 

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