Metro IBA celebrates local businesses in July

The Metro Independent Business Association (IBA) is celebrating and promoting buying local in the month of July with a weekly drawing for $600 in gift cards from each of the 25 independent businesses participating. Drawings will take place on July 10, 17, 24 and 31.

The purpose of Celebrate Your Independents month is to raise awareness of the importance and the benefits of buying local, which impact both the relationships within communities and local economies, according to Chris Hanson, CEO and founder of Data Bank and president of the Metro IBA.

“When I think about independent businesses and buying local, I think about two things: I think about the social benefits of buying from local communities, building those relationships […], well they’re our neighbors, they’re our family, our friends, they’re people in our community everyday. They have the benefit of working for a great company that provides good wages and good salaries and is responsible to our communities,” Hanson said. “If we also look at the economic benefits, that’s where it really becomes powerful. We’re looking to build sustainable economies where we reinvest in our communities. Buying local […] is really the way to go because we know looking at the data that when you buy from a local company, that money stays in the community, it’s reinvested in the community.”

In order to enter into the drawing, participants must register online at Participants can increase the chance of winning by visiting each of the 25 participating businesses and receiving an additional entry code for each visit. Participants can only enter 26 times.

A list of businesses participating in the promotion can be found at