Iron Door Pub aims to be a “neighborhood bar first and foremost”

Iron Door Pub is slated to open Sept. 1 in the recently departed Cause Spirits and Soundbar spot at Lake & Lyndale.

The pub will add televisions and show sports, but it’s a “neighborhood bar first and foremost,” said co-founder Dan Fehrenkamp of Mac’s Industrial Sports Bar.

“The idea was somewhat antithetical to all the high-concept places in the area,” he said. “It will be a low-key hangout for people in the neighborhood.”

The bar’s name stems from an old vault door they’re pulling out of the basement and installing behind the bar — “it looks like a villain should be locked up behind it,” joked Fehrenkamp.

The owners are planning to open up and lighten up the space, installing the primary entrance on the corner and expanding the beer list. They’ll serve “well-executed scratch bar food” like hearty Reuben, Cuban and French Dip sandwiches.

Fehrenkamp said they had been looking for locations in the area, and their broker mentioned Cause as an available vacant space.

“We’re not relishing in another bar closing,” Fehrenkamp said, adding that whatever happened between The Ackerberg Group and Cause management is between them. “The bottom line is it [was presented as] a vacant space. … It’s a really great corner.”

Stuart Ackerberg and the owner of Cause did not respond for comment.