Dinner at the door

Fulton resident delivers recipes and ingredients

Credit: Submitted image

Aleksandra Till wants to take over your meal planning…and grocery shopping…and food prep. The Fulton resident recently launched Homegrown Foods, and she’s delivering groceries and recipes to doorsteps throughout Minneapolis, St. Paul and the west metro.

“To me, great recipes are something you pass along,” she said.

Till visits farmers markets, co-ops and ethnic grocery stores to collect hard-to-find ingredients, and she premixes all of them (such as dry rub for ribs) to cut down on cooking time.

“I am disappointed to hear friends, family and neighbors describe how they’ve given up on making dinner, because it is so hard and complicated,” she said. “This business is designed to provide active people with an avenue to save time and still eat affordable dinners at home without all the work.”

Subscribers see a new box arrive every-other week, complete with seasonal ingredients for four meals, each serving four people.

Till’s “foodie meets kid-friendly” meals range from blackened corn quesadillas, to mini quiche with mushrooms and gruyère, to Amy Thielen’s brown butter chicken and cauliflower sauté.

Her background is in graphic design, and she’s also worked as a pastry chef at Three Muses.

“I love trying new recipes,” Till said. “Before having kids, I used to go to five different stores to complete my grocery shopping. This gives me an excuse.”

She suggests multiple cooking methods as well, so people can throw ingredients in a slow cooker to save more time.

Till said her prep work strips away many of the barriers to home-cooked meals.

“My sister-in-law is quotably a horrible cook,” Till said. “She told me, ‘I had no idea I could cook this good.'”

For more info, visit eatgoodathome.com