Coming soon: Mathnasium at 54th & Lyndale

The Mathnasium franchise is headed to 5315 Lyndale Ave. S. Sept. 1, boasting dramatically improved test scores for participating students.

Franchisee Bobby Tarnowski explained that instructors work with up to four students at a time in grades one through 12.

“We’re helping students catch up or get ahead,” he said. “We can give them a greater challenge than what they’re getting in school.”

Staff will include center director Linnea Yeazel, who grew up in the neighborhood and lives a few blocks away.

Tarnowski said the Los Angeles-based program is designed to teach “number-sense,” rather than memorization or computation tricks. Participants typically jump ahead two or three grade levels in math skills, he said, and improve test scores within six months.

“I like the idea of the Mathnasium coming to a theater near you,” he said, mentioning that he’s excited to learn the Boulevard Theater marquee may be lit again this fall. “It’s math under the lights.”