Anodyne sells business to Bull Run Coffee

An expanded Bull Run Coffee is now open at 34th & Lyndale. Credit: Photo by Michelle Bruch

Anodyne shut down with  a “soft close” on Sunday, as owner Theresa Cook decided to move on from the business she’s run for 17 years.

“I wanted to make sure that customers, myself and my staff had time to say goodbye,” Cook said.

As a nearby resident, Cook said she’s loved seeing the neighborhood change and grow over the years. She said her son is graduating from high school, which entered into the timing of her decision.

“I’ll have more time, and now is a good time to find something new,” she said. “My next project is to find a project.”

Cook started quietly approaching prospective buyers at the start of the year, and found that Bull Run Coffee was shopping for a second location.

Bull Run co-owner Brent Ringate said that in the two weeks Anodyne will be closed, staff will give the space a deep clean and switch out equipment. They’ll save redesign ideas for the future.

At least initially, the restaurant menu will stay the same, Ringate said.

“To start, the biggest change will be our coffee program,” he said.

Bull Run has also finished its expansion at 34th & Lyndale, with new hardwood floors and more natural light.

“We have to catch our breath from the expansion,” Ringate said. “But this was too good an opportunity to pass up.”