The OM Collective relocates to make way for Bull Run Coffee Bar expansion

Bull Run Coffee’s hallway of tables will soon expand into the OM Collective space next store, featuring a new menu of salads and sandwiches and sidewalk seating that stretches around the corner.

The OM Collective has already reopened five blocks away in a “beige, unassuming building” at 515 W. Lake St., formerly Foxtone Music, which moved to the Warehouse District.

“It was really hard to find a space in Uptown, we looked high and low,” said OM Collective co-founder Jennifer Colletti. “We love Uptown, and we love what it’s had to offer us. … We considered moving to other areas, but this is sort of where our heart and soul is.”

The OM Collective lost a few teachers in the move, but the building continues to focus on yoga and wellness, with classes in meditation, martial arts and yoga.

A fundraiser at ­ is raising money for marketing and new signage.

“We expect to be in this space for years to come,” Colletti said.

At the expanded Bull Run shop, Manager Pat Thomas is writing the menu. Though much of his background lies in coffee, he also finished culinary school in Seattle and spent time cooking in Italy. He said the “simple” menu would continue to feature Patisserie 46 pastries. 

“We’ll have something a little more savory,” he said. 

The owners are targeting a June opening date, and Bull Run Coffee will remain open during construction.