Coming soon: Zambaldi Bros. beer out of Linden Hills

Two brothers-in-law — both with newborn babies — want to help Southwest Minneapolis tap into the craft beer scene. They’ll start by offering free tastings of their new Zambaldi Bros. brew during the annual Linden Hills Garage Sale on May 17.

Wade Zander has a business background in investment banking and medical services; David Malcolm works as craft brand manager at a beer distributor.*

Malcolm has developed a port, a session IPA, a farmhouse ale and an amber ale — the amber ale is a “wedding beer” he created when he married Zander’s sister.

Needless to say, the brewers’ families appreciate their dedication to the craft.

“It’s amazing how many cousins show up when you’re a home brewer,” Malcolm said.

Zambaldi beer is formulated for mass appeal.

“You don’t have to be a hard-core beer nerd to get into it,” Zander said.

In the coming months, the founders plan to rent space from an established brewery, build a market, and eventually find their own commercial space — preferably in South Minneapolis.

“It seems like Northeast is having most of the fun with brewing,” Zander said.

The explanation for the Zambaldi name? It combines their last names, and refers to their lack of hair.

The beer tasting on May 17 is from 11 a.m.-2 p.m. at 4029 Upton Ave. S.

Find future Zambaldi events on Facebook on Facebook or Twitter @Zambaldi_Bros.


*This story is updated to correct Malcolm’s current employment.