Boneyard opens on Hennepin

Chef Jason Bush Credit: Michelle Bruch

The term “Boneyard” needs no explanation for Chef Jason Bush, a native of Georgia and Florida.

(He said it’s a dumping ground for a slaughterhouse.)

The new restaurant at 2841 Hennepin Ave. S. is designed to feel like the South — “a little vacation spot in the cold North,” Bush said.

Even the patio is designed to beat the cold temps. The patio flooring will heat to 80 degrees on cold days and the awning is retractable. This summer, garage doors will open up onto the patio that seats 180, more people than inside the restaurant.

DJs will spin music on Sunday afternoons: “Come for the brunch, stay for the party,” Bush said.

The hot fry chicken is adapted from a recipe by Bush’s aunt, spiced with ghost pepper, tobasco, habanero and cayenne. The chicken is brined for 24 hours in sweet tea, then dried for 24 hours before it is seasoned and dipped in buttermilk for frying.

“The best food in the world was made by grandmothers,” Bush said.

The bar’s drink menu features lots of bourbon and whiskey choices — Pappy Van Winkle’s Family Reserve 23 Yr has been a popular choice, according to a bartender.

Bush has spent three winters in Minnesota, working at Cooper Irish Pub and private chef gigs.

“When I got homesick, most of the time I had to cook at home,” he said. “This is a little spot for Southerners.”