Primp coming soon to 48th & Chicago

The Primp owners said their new 48th & Chicago storefront reminds them of their first shop, pictured here on Selby in St. Paul Credit: Submitted image

A dog-friendly fashion boutique is moving into the former Amazon Bookstore at 4755 Chicago Ave. S.


Primp carries dresses, tops, accessories and basics, all under $100, and most under $50.


“We put new items out every day,” said Michele Gudmundson. “We’re ordering in small quantities. If you see something you love, get it otherwise it will be gone.”


The owners of the boutique started out making handbags together. They invented the the store name, slogan and concept on a road trip to sell handbags in Duluth. Within three months, they signed a lease for their first shop on Selby Avenue in St. Paul. Primp opened on Selby in 2010, and later expanded to the West End and White Bear Lake.


“We opened on Sept. 16, and sold out almost every piece of clothing in the store,” Gudmundson said.


The owners also design an in-house brand called Henry + Martin (the owners’ maiden names) that is U.S. made and designed to feature wearable pieces that can be dressed up or dressed down.


The store is slated to open in mid-March.


“We’re excited to get into 48th and meet the community,” Gudmundson said.