Kyatchi opens at 38th & Nicollet


Back when Chef HideTozawa cooked for former Twins player Tsuyoshi Nishioka, the ballplayer was constantly asking him for the source of his food ingredients — even at Burger King.

Fast food origins stumped him, but today, Tozawa has a ready answer for every question. Kyatchi is certified through the Monterey Bay Aquarium, which recommends the best seafood choices for sustainable ocean life.

“I’ve heard nothing but positives about the freshness of the seafood,” said Kyatchi co-owner Sarah Peterson.

Tozawa’s menu is focused on simplicity. He holds back on the spice to keep with traditional Japanese flavors.

The menu includes sushi rolls ($4-$14), featuring a Battera roll with mackerel and clear konbu seaweed; nigiri and sashimi ($2.50-$9), with choices like egg custard, deep fried tofu or salmon roe; kushimono skewers ($2-$5) with shitake mushrooms or Berkshire pork belly; and small plates ($4.50-$15) like oyster on the half shell. The restaurant also serves 14 types of sake.

Kyatchi translates as “catch,” and even the wall mural by Ken Palko intertwines the restaurant themes of baseball and seafood.

The restaurant is “selling hot dogs like crazy,” Peterson said, particularly the curry dogs and the avocado & egg dogs.

“I’m so excited to be in the Kingfield area,” said Peterson, who lives five blocks away. “Everyone has been so supportive.”