Copper Hen Cakery and Kitchen is under construction

Husband-and-wife team plan eatery at 25th & Nicollet

Copper Hen owners Danielle and Chris Bjorling. Credit: Photo by Geneoh Photography

Copper Hen was supposed to be a late-night dessert and wine place. But it turns out you can’t simply sell a beer and a cupcake here — restaurant regulations require more substantial items on the menu.

So construction is underway to create Copper Hen Cakery and Kitchen, a late-night eatery with fresh-baked breads, weekend brunch, and cakes for pick-up.

Danielle Bjorling, who is opening the restaurant with her husband Chris, said landing the storefront at 25th & Nicollet was  a “hallelujah moment” after months of searching. The space was previously home to a Vietnamese restaurant, and it’s been completely renovated with 13-foot ceilings.

Chris is lending his CPA knowledge to the business, and Danielle is manning the bakery.

“I took a cake-decorating class when I was 14, and took off with it,” she said.

Danielle worked at bakeries throughout her upper teens and twenties, and started making wedding cakes for friends on the side.

“It was one wedding after the next,” she said. “People were ranting and raving, and said ‘You have to open your own bakery!'”

In addition to chocolate buttercream cupcakes and seasonal jams, the new kitchen menu features meat and cheese boards, flatbread pizzas, and entrées like chicken pot pie and juniper braised chicken stew.

The owners are targeting April for the opening.

Food photos by L&E Photography