Bent Arrow restaurant coming to 54th & Penn

Chef Erick Harcey is moving into his buddy Don Saunders’ former In Season restaurant space this spring.

“I love the space, and I love the neighborhood,” said Harcey, who runs Victory 44 in North Minneapolis. “I’ve always wanted a little 30-seat style restaurant to do my thing in.”

Harcey is looking forward to innovative food and “experimental dining” in the restaurant. For example, he’d like to experiment with a centrifuge in the kitchen. The centrifuge would spin at an extremely high rate per minute, he explained, allowing the contents of fresh peas to separate into a smooth, extracted puree.

The Bent Arrow name was inspired by a cow named Lightning that Harcey plans to mount on the wall of the restaurant.

As Harcey focuses on Victory 44 and his new restaurant venture, he’s decided to step down as the chef of Half Pint, the new child-focused restaurant at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.