Borough and Parlour owners propose a wine bar at new Lime Apartments

The owners of Borough and Parlour are proposing a bakery, coffee shop and wine bar for the lobby of the Lime Apartments at 2904 Lyndale Ave. S.

Brent Frederick and Jacob Toledo are discussing the project with both city and state officials, as the concept of building a wine bar into an apartment lobby would be a unique proposition here.

Frederick said the concept is more familiar in cities like Seattle and New York.

“It’s like a hotel lobby within an apartment complex,” he said.

He said the smaller-scale space, about 2,000 or 3,000 square feet, would feature a patio fronting the Midtown Greenway. It would open in the early morning to offer croissants and mochas. Lunchtime would feature soup, salads and paninis; at dinnertime, the space would serve as a wine bar.

Licensing discussions are underway, but Frederick and Toledo are currently focused on coup d’etat, their restaurant opening Jan. 20 on the ground floor of The Walkway at 2923 Girard Ave. S.