Benefit planned for Rolayne’s Hair Design founder

The founder of Rolayne’s Hair Design in Bryn Mawr can no longer continue as a hairdresser, following an accident in November that caused her to lose nearly all of the fingers on her right hand.

Laney Renstrom’s family is planning a Jan. 5 benefit for her with a spaghetti dinner and music at the Crystal VFW.

“She’s such an identity to the community,” said Renstrom’s sister, Carolyn Pugh. “When the lights didn’t come on the second day, people were saying, ‘Where’s Rolayne? What’s going on?’ … We can’t wait for them to see her and see that she’s okay.”

On Nov. 3, Renstrom was working outside in Medford, Wis. when she suffered an injury with a log splitter. She was airlifted to Regions Hospital in St. Paul where surgeons performed an 11-hour surgery, rebuilding her hand using wires, staples, and arteries and tendons from her arm.

Renstrom has posted upbeat notes about the recovery at her Caring Bridge website.

“I reflect on how many of you have filtered in and out of my life and what strength I draw from all of you,” she wrote. “I LOVE ALL THE CARDS!!! We said it was like Christmas every day!”

Rolayne’s Hair Design at 408 Cedar Lake Rd. S. will likely remain open with the help of other hairdressers, including Nancy Wilson — they might keep the shop’s original name to honor Rolayne.

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