Heidi’s staff launch employee relief fund after unexpected closure

Employees of Heidi’s are trying to crowdfund lost earnings after the restaurant’s abrupt closure in late October.

The restaurant was initially slated to stay open until year-end, with a potential “3.0” dining experience in the future.

The Star Tribune quoted a press release on the closure:

“After 12 years of marriage, Heidi and Stewart Woodman have mutually come to the decision to divorce. With this news, they announce today that Heidi’s Minneapolis, the restaurant they created and co-owned for six years, has closed its doors.”

The Woodmans also closed Birdhouse at 25th & Hennepin in June.

The restaurateurs settled litigation last spring related to the 2010 grease fire at 50th & Bryant, Heidi’s former location. Insurance companies initiated the lawsuit to recoup payments.

Former Heidi’s employees are working to raise money at gofundme.com.