Dayton brothers donate blankets for St. Stephen’s Human Services

Andrew and Eric Dayton, known for their three North Loop businesses and as the sons of Gov. Mark Dayton, have reached out to St. Stephen’s Human Services to provide blankets for people in need.

On Nov. 13, the Dayton brothers launched an initiative with their clothing company Askov Finlayson to keep those warm who are making the transition from homelessness. In collaboration with Faribault Woolen Mill Co., Askov Finlayson will donate a “Zag Blanket” to St. Stephen’s Human Services for each blanket sold.

“We worked with our friends at Faribault Woolen Mill to create a limited-edition blanket that combines their company’s 147-year tradition of craftsmanship with our own colors and design,” Askov Finlayson wrote on their site. “The blanket is made from domestic wool blended with a small amount of cotton for added softness, and double-woven using a jacquard loom for the warmth needed to enjoy cold winters.”

St. Stephens was chosen as a part of Askov Finlayson’s initiative for their awareness of the issue of homelessness. “St. Stephen’s is admired throughout Minneapolis for their comprehensive approach to the issue of homelessness, both providing services to help the homeless in our city, and also working to end homelessness by addressing its underlying issues,” Askov Finlayson wrote.

The help provided by Askov Finlayson will greatly benefit the St. Stephen’s community and its efforts to aid the homeless. “We are chronically short of bedding for the folks we move from homelessness to apartments, so we’re always asking people to donate their old blankets,” said Margaret Miles, St. Stephen’s director of development and communications. “Well, some very lucky people are going to sleep in style this winter.”

The Dayton brothers also own The Bachelor Farmer and Marvel Bar at 50 2nd Ave. N. 

“As Minnesota’s cold winter approaches, we’re honored to help St. Stephen’s provide warmth to those in our community who need it the most,” Askov Finlayson wrote.

To purchase one of the 100 Zag Blankets made, click here for Askov Finlayson’s website. To learn more about the mission of St. Stephen’s Human Services, check out their website.