SEE Eyewear is latest addition to Hennepin Avenue

Credit: Michelle Bruch

The new SEE Eyewear shop on Hennepin is promoting a fall collection of specs from frame makers in the foothills of the French Alps and tiny German towns.

SEE opened its first store in Birmingham, Mich., and the storefront at 3032 Hennepin Ave. S. is the latest addition to its 31 stores. All of the frames are designed in-house, and the shop works directly with 50 frame makers in 12 countries.

“We’re skipping over the middle man and going directly to the frame houses,” said store manager Ben Brever.

Frames run about $169-$369, a price that includes the cost of single-vision lenses. The store keeps an optometrist on staff.

The fashion-focused frames don’t stay on shelves long — typically about six months — before new styles arrive.