Crooked Pint at 40th & Lyndale gains Planning Commission approval

Crooked Pint is clear to start construction of a new restaurant at 40th & Lyndale, following the Planning Commission’s approval on Sept. 16.

The final proposal is different from the original — the developer couldn’t get enough homeowner signatures to allow a parking lot at 4008 Lyndale.

Instead, the developer will expand the existing vacant gas station to house the restaurant and one additional unknown tenant.

The restaurant needed city approval to provide zero parking spaces, instead of 13 normally required for a business of its size. The Planning Commission allowed the variance and required 20 bike parking spaces and off-street parking options like valet service.

At the meeting, some residents spoke against the project.

“We’re not opposed to having a restaurant there, but we are opposed to it being so big, being open so late, and not having parking,” said Jinx Engstrom, who lives nearby. “We all bought our houses to sleep in. And we don’t want to be woken up when the people all leave at 11 o’clock, and when the other people leave at midnight who do the work there.”

She said the area will become congested, as several nearby apartment buildings provide little or no off-street parking.

The Planning Commission disagreed in a unanimous decision.

Commissioner Lauren Huynh said she lives near 50th & Bryant, where three restaurants and most of the retailers have no designated parking.

“I don’t think it’s been detrimental to the neighborhood. In fact, I know that people … move into the neighborhood because The Lynn is there, George and the Dragon is there, The Malt Shop is there. The reason is because you can walk, you can bike … It’s catering toward the neighbors.”

Jim Kumon, chair of the Kingfield Neighborhood Association’s Redevelopment Committee, spoke in support of the project, noting that three restaurants share the intersection of 46th & Grand.

“It’s not something unseen or unproven in the larger context of our community,” he said.

Restaurant designer Jim Smart said the business would close at 10 p.m. Sunday thru Wednesday, 11 p.m. on Thursday, and midnight Friday and Saturday.