Calhoun Bike Rental prepares to say goodbye

New development would displace the 30-year-old business.

Credit: Michelle Bruch

A new office building proposed for the corner of Lake & James would mean the closure of Calhoun Bike Rental, which has operated for 30 years.

Owner Nancy Anderson is holding out hope that a new shop location might surface. But an affordable space close to the lakes and trails is hard to find, she said.

“There really isn’t anything to replace it in the Uptown area,” Anderson said.

The store rented roller skates in the ‘70s, and the same families have returned for generations — one Eden Prairie couple rents a tandem bike every other week.

Anderson bought the shop while her kids were in college to give them experience in entrepreneurship.

“Every dollar they make running the business is a dollar I don’t have to write a check for,” she said.

Anderson said locals may miss the “Free Air,” the paddleboard classes, or the opportunity to rent tandem bikes and Burley bike trailers.

“It will definitely be missed,” she said.