Business spotlight: Catalyst Cooks

Chef offers new wine-pairing classes

Catalyst Cooks owner Jen Antila Credit: Michelle Bruch

In-home wine pairing classes are now available through Catalyst Cooks, a business formed by a corporate worker turned full-time foodie.

Jen Antila’s wine classes start with lessons on tasting and identifying wine.

“It’s like a color wheel,” she said. “There are complementary groupings.”

Antila, an East Harriet resident, is not afraid to throw dinner parties two-three times a week, and she says she can teach people to de-stress their entertaining. She teaches a Thanksgiving class every year.

“It’s not feeling you have to achieve a certain level of perfection,” she said. “You do everything in advance.”

More advice from Antila: Learn knife skills. Learn to shop the perimeter of the store, and skip the processed foods in the middle. Buy what attracts you, rather than fret over a grocery list. Learn the basics of cooking meats and veggies.

“If you’re armed with those basic techniques, you can cook almost anything,” she said. “It’s so liberating to not have to worry about using a recipe.”