MoZaic office design floods workers with daylight

The design of a new MoZaic office building at Lagoon & Girard is taking shape, with an emphasis on natural light reaching the workers inside.

Three sections of the building would rise at different heights, stepping from eight stories on the south down to three or four stories near the Greenway on the north.

Between each section lies a glass atrium. Thatcher Imboden of The Ackerberg Group said light wells were commonplace in the ’80s, until buildings became deeper and more employees were crammed into cube farms.

“The office buildings people want to be in today, people want to access light,” Imboden said. “It’s a modern-day version of the Hennepin County Government Center.”

The building would feature extensive glass on the north and south to maximize energy savings and employee comfort.

“A lot of research shows that productivity and health and wellness is better with access to daylight and ventilation,” said architect Tony Layne of Perkins+Will.

The current design doesn’t touch the adjacent Lagoon Theater.

The Ackerberg Group is considering retail or a restaurant on the ground floor, as well as bike accommodations for tenants and possibly the public as well.

The developer may submit plans for city approval in September.