Coming soon: The Rabbit Hole at Midtown Global Market

The Left-Handed Cook is building “The Rabbit Hole” this fall at the Midtown Global Market, and they’re calling it a “combination Asian dive bar and street food restaurant.” (It’s the stand-alone restaurant space located at the east entrance across from the parking ramp.)

“It’s an eclectic idea until it’s actually seen,” said co-owner Thomas Kim.

The restaurant is slated to open the end of September — about a month before co-owner Kat Melgaard’s baby is due.

“We definitely have a packed calendar,” Kim said. “It will be an interesting end of the year.”

Kim is looking forward to Korean-influenced burgers, blood sausages and lettuce wraps.

“[Lettuce wraps] are something we always wanted to add to the menu,” he said of Left-Handed Cook, which opened 15 months ago.

A handful of booths can accommodate two people each at a counter where diners interact with the chef. The dining area will also feature an elevated 16-foot communal table, designed as an island butcher-block bar surrounded by stools.

“People will have the opportunity to meet new friends and break out of their shell a little bit,” Kim said.