Pop-up furniture shop moving to 24th & Lyndale

A pop-up furniture shop has found a permanent home at 613 W. 24th St.

While Omforme Design is new to the neighborhood, owner Carter Averbeck is a veteran in the design industry. He also runs Trompe Decorative Finishes, which has painted murals and Venetian plaster walls at spots like D’amico restaurants for the past 15 years. 

Omforme is a Norwegian word meaning “transform.” Staff work to restore some of the 13 million tons of furniture tossed every year.

“When we refurbish furniture, we take into account the style and shape and marry that with current trends in interior design,” Averbeck said. “We turn them into bona fide art pieces.”

He’s excited about a steel beam chandelier coming to the shop designed by Ross Mackert, as well as a floating chandelier made from spare parts by Bruce Johnson. 

The store will showcase visual artwork; pieces by students from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design; as well as home goods, dinnerware and throws.

“It’s very hard to find modern stuff like that without it being exorbitantly priced,” Averbeck said. 

The shop will offer interior design services, and it will accept pieces of furniture that customers want to “resuscitate.”

Aberbeck said he snatched up the 24th Street space a single day after it became available, at a time when 15 inquiries had already come in. The space formerly belonged to Salon dpugh, which is now at 46th & Grand.

A grand opening celebration is slated for September, and Averbeck promises a spectacle. He enjoys placing furniture in the middle of the street for a quick flash photography session before the light turns green.