Mac’s Fish and Chips headed to 54th & Lyndale

The restaurant may open in September.

Tom (left) and Dan Flanagan are the father-and-son team behind Mac's. Credit: Michelle Bruch

Mac’s Fish and Chips of St. Paul is opening a second location in the former Sigh Yoga space at 612 W. 54th St.

Mac’s made-from-scratch fish batter is a new staple at Target Field this season as well, serving walleye at the State Fair Classics stand in section 133.

The father-and-son team of Dan and Tom Flanagan run the restaurant.

“We’re two Irish guys. We’re going to chat you up, and we’ll be yelling at each other,” said Tom.

Tom and Dan cut the fish and fries by hand and mix all the ingredients in-house before sending it out the door.

“People can’t find this anywhere else,” Tom said.

Every order comes with homemade saltwater taffy. The Flanagans use a custom-built taffy puller, and they perfected the recipe after long experimentation with different ingredients and temperatures.

“We’ve got it down pretty well,” Tom said. “People walk out with a couple bags of taffy and that’s it.”

The owners are targeting September for an opening date, pending city approval.

The 1,000-square-foot space is about the same size as the St. Paul location at Hamline & Larpenteur, although this spot may include beer and wine and about 30 seats. Tom said the floor plan is a dream compared to the St. Paul site, where Mac’s is constructed inside a revamped Clark gas station.

An east parking lot would provide about five parking spots, Tom said, and on-street parking would provide the rest of the parking access.

The Flanagans have owned Mac’s for three years. It initially opened in 1991, founded by a former Minnesota North Stars hockey player.