Bryn Mawr Market raising money for charities

BRYN MAWR — The Bryn Mawr Market jar that collected more than $2,000 as a memorial to UPS driver Keith Basinski, who died in the Accent Signage shooting, is still on the counter.

“I figured, let’s keep the ball rolling,” said co-owner Paul Anderson.

Every six months, the market is collecting money for a new charity. Sharing and Caring Hands is the current charity, and fundraising for Second Harvest Heartland ended June 1. The total Harvest funds weren’t tallied at press time, but Anderson estimated the jar netted 415 bills and 40 pounds in change.

Aside from charitable gifts, the market is bringing in more organic products, grass-fed beef, soy milk and gluten-free options. Staff have tested more than 675 new products in the last two years.

“If we hadn’t have done that, we would have gone out of business,” Anderson said. He said business had become very slow in the wintertime, but the new focus appears to be paying off.

“A couple came in yesterday, and said, ‘We were thinking of moving to Bryn Mawr. Your store cinched it,’” Anderson said.