New juice shop opening in Uptown

EAST CALHOUN — A fresh-pressed juice shop called Truce is opening at 1428 W. 32nd St., bringing a coastal trend into Minneapolis.

“It’s pressed instead of going into a traditional juicer,” said co-owner Blaire Molitor. “It retains a lot more nutrients, and the nutritional content lasts longer.”

Molitor and co-owner Allie Pohlad will bottle fresh juice every morning, giving it a three-day shelf life.

Molitor and Pohlad are both finishing up master’s degrees (Molitor in international development and Pohlad in holistic health), and they both live in Uptown. The women started Truce after spending time in California, where juice stores are more common. Back in Minneapolis, they started craving a craft juice and realized there was nowhere to get one. Molitor said some people order juice from Los Angeles or New York, paying high amounts to FedEx it overnight so it stays fresh.

Molitor recommends that juicer newbies try the beginner’s green drink, featuring spinach, kale, lemon and apple.

The shop also offers “juice cleanses” lasting one to five days. It’s a diet that consists of only juice, with perhaps one light evening meal.

“It’s a way to give your liver, kidneys and digestive system a break,” Molitor said. “Some people love it. … It’s pounds and pounds of fruits and vegetables condensed into juices.”

The New York Times recently called premium juice “an entrepreneurial gold rush,” reporting that New York investors are pouring cash into juice chains there.

“Juicing in itself as a trend is growing a lot in popularity,” Molitor said.